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Committee Membership

Leadership Kenosha was launched in September 1998 with the first class of participants graduating in May 1999. The idea for a community leadership program rose from the need to develop emerging leaders in Kenosha. The Kenosha Area Chamber of Commerce, led by Patrick Guard, formed a steering committee to develop a “hands-on” program that would build leadership skills as well as provide an overview of the community and its assets.

From the beginning the core foundation for the program has consisted of three components: development of leadership skills, enhancement of awareness of community issues, and participation in small group community projects.

Over the last two decades hundreds of individuals have graduated from Leadership Kenosha. Alumni have gone on to serve in numerous leadership roles in Kenosha County including Kenosha County Board of Supervisors, Kenosha Unified School District Board, Nonprofit Directors, and Service Club Presidents.

2024-25 Steering Committee

Amber Elizabeth, Co-Chair (LK2020)
Westwords Consulting

Marisa Markowski, Co-Chair (LK2021)
United Way Kenosha

Robert Niccolai, Secretary (LK2018)
First American Bank

LaVetta Arrington (LK2023)
Harvest Home Assisted Living

James Beller (LK2023)
Kenosha Police Department

Bill Bennett (LK2022)

Laura Ervin (LK2022)
Kenosha County Child Support Services

Amy Garrigan (LK2017)

Debra Karp (LR2006)

Brianna Meyers (LK2023)
CCB Technology

Rob Moore (LK2023)
4D Business Group


Jacqueline Morris (LK2006)
Gateway Technical College

Linda Noyce (LK2021)
Kenosha Public Library

Holly Pobiecke (LK2021)

Jason Rampa (LK2023)
United States Navy

Steve Scherer
CCB Technology

Marketing/Recruitment & Fundraising

Recruits participants and markets Leadership Kenosha as a leadership training opportunity to individuals, employers and organizations. Raises funds for participant scholarships.

Marisa Markowski
Amber Elizabeth
LaVetta Arrington
Bill Bennett
Holly Pobiecke

Policy & Procedure

Develops guiding policies for the efficient and effective operation of the Leadership Kenosha program.

Robert Niccolai
Jen McMillan
Dave Strash
Tamarra Coleman
Erin Ginn

Alumni & Graduation

Works to foster continual involvement of Leadership Kenosha alumni.

Stever Scherer
Brianna Meyers
LaVetta Arrington
Bill Bennett
Marisa Markowski
Robert Niccolai
Linda Noyce


Assists with the development of the monthly program content for Leadership Kenosha participants.

Jacqueline Morris
LaVetta Arrington
Bill Bennett
Laura Ervin
Brianna Meyers
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